Thursday, October 14, 2010


At a time when my good friend introduced me to the quinoa so previously in 2007, it was around  that era that everyone began to eat healthy. At the time , I'v considered quinoa for an unsuccessful imitation of bulgur or couscous. 
Anyway, three and a half years after , i took a brave step, and tried to cook something edible from quinoa.

add your quinoa
A round of applause for my quinoa-balls :
one onion
one zucchini
one carrot
one piece of pumpkin
two wet pieces of bread
break two eggs into the mash
Add seasoning 
(I like it spicy)
round 'em up , fry them

and there you have it ; quinoa-balls accompanied by chopped radish, baby leaves and some lemon juice.

(Timmy, hope I made you proud)

Quinoa is originated in latin america such as some of the world's greatest designers ; 

rubbed this from here

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