Saturday, October 16, 2010

Accessories @ Belgioioso

Im an accessories frick. And this two sister's stand was absolutely adorable ! 
(Bought that cute ginger man pin !)

On the left side , an amazing sort of foulard- all kind of them , really astonishing!
On the right, huge collection of bracelets and earrings - some from plastic and some from Bakelite

  Venturino vintage
American Oak Furniture

We got to this really cute corner where my friend found original 1950's jumpsuit . and i'v found this cool wool YELLOW hat .have to admit , rubbed that idea from Anna Maria dello Russo.

Visit the store Aloe & Wolf - such a cool site 


  1. מי זה הברנש הקטן הזה עם הכובע הכתום בתמונה ?

  2. SO CUTE!